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22 Common Medications That Can Be Bad Long-Term

Don't just assume medicines are good. These common medications aren't.

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30 Celebrities Who Opened Up About Bipolar Disorder

These celebs weren't afraid to be open and honest about their experiences with the condition.

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40 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

Cutting these foods out altogether is a great way to lower blood sugar and create a healthier lifestyle.

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Restaurant Chains That Won’t Make It Through the Year

Anyone who loves these restaurants should get all they can before they're gone!

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30 Businesses We Can't Believe Went Bankrupt

We honestly can't believe that these businesses went bankrupt, but here we are. We thought they were the tops, but these 30 businesses show that no one is too big to fail.

these restaurant chains probably wont make it through the year

These Restaurant Chains Probably Won’t Make It Through the Year

Anyone who loves these restaurants should get all they can before they're gone!

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15 Resume Writing Tips For 2020

We researched a large number of resume writing tips across the internet and we’ve compiled a list of the most common tips we found out there.

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15 Cool Gadgets to Help You Work from Home

We dug in, did the research, and found the top 15 gadgets and gizmos that you could acquire to help make your job at home easier this year. Read on to find out more!

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5 Disadvantages of Being a Nurse

Nursing is a noble profession, and many patients find more comfort, care, and explanations from their nurses than from doctors. But just like every profession, nursing has its drawbacks. Here are a few disadvantages of being a nurse.

The rudest cities in america

The Rudest City in Every State

Sometimes it's the traffic that makes people furious, while other times they're mad about the poor standards of living in their city--and then you have those places where people are mean for seemingly no good reason. 

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The Most Dangerous City in Every State

These cities should definitely be avoided because no one knows what will happen!

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25 Countries That Hate Americans

Everyone wants to live in the USA, right? Okay, well everyone at least thinks Americans are great...right?

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40 Crazy News Stories That Could Only Happen in Florida

While hilarious, some of these news headlines have us questioning whether Florida is okay. Should we check up on Florida? Yes, we should because these 40 stories are insane.

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40 Cosplayers Who Went All Out for Comic Con

It’s that time of the year again: Comic Con season. Geeks, nerds, fanboys, and fangirls alike are prepping for the most anticipated part of their year.

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Why Cameron Diaz Left Acting Behind for a Better Life

At the peak of her acting career, Cameron Diaz was essentially Hollywood's 'it' girl. But now she's stepped out of the spotlight. Where did she go?

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Top Online Nursing Schools

Getting a college degree online can be a great alternative to traditional universities. Nursing can be a great career with a job market begging to be filled. Here’s a look at Online U’s 2015 top 5 online nursing programs.

Getting Your Nursing Degree Online

Want to become a nurse but just don’t have the time? Luckily, there are online nursing degrees to work with your busy schedule.

Top Schools for a Nursing Degree

Thinking about pursuing a career in nursing? Here is a list of universities with the best traditional and online nursing programs in the U.S.

Mini Cooper Clubman

25 Worthless Foreign Vehicles

Cars make everyone's life just a little bit easier, and everyone has their favorites. Foreign cars have actually begun to dominate the U.S. car market. Then, there are these cars. We've found 25 of the more...worthless foreign cars.

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10 Easy Car Improvement DIYs

These DIYs improve cars so much that we'll never want to leave.

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30 Stars Who Drive Vintage Cars

These celebs could drive brand-new cars, but instead, they prefer something that's vintage, classic, and oh-so-much better