15 Foods That Are High in Vitamin C

15 Foods That Are High in Vitamin C

Which of these foods could you add more of into your diet?

Fans cheer on their favorite team

Anatomy of a Football Fan

We all know the rush of winning a nail-biting game, but what’s going on in our minds and bodies as we are going hoarse from our team to victory?

A dreamscape

The Science of Dreaming

Whether you dream about flying or have nightmares about showing up to work with no pants on, dreams feel so real that it seems like you actually experienced them. Where do dreams come from, and why do we have them?

Group of students graduating with a Master of Entrepreneurship

Is A Master of Entrepreneurship The New MBA?

MBAs are a popular choice for those who want to go back to school and revitalize their career, but more and more people are opting for a Master's in Entrepreneurship instead. Is this just a fad? Or will Masters of Entrepreneurship replace MBAs?

Woman researching online MBAs

Are Online MBAs A Good Investment?

For many people, going back to school means either waiting until all of the chips fall into place or finding an online program. An online MBA is much easier to fit into your life and your schedule, but is it a good decision?

Woman pulled over by the police

The Right Way To Handle Police Encounters

You've probably been pulled over before, but are you sure you handled it the right way? Have you ever wondered what to do if you're stopped by the police? What if they come to your house? Know your rights.

Colonel Sanders and Oprah Winfrey

20 Stars Who Got Fired Before They Made it Big

These popular celebs thrived in the face of failure.

dunder mifflin and central perk

20 Fictional Businesses We’d Love to Work For

Looking for a new job? Too bad these fictional businesses don't exist, because these are the jobs everyone dreams about.

channing tatum and hugh jackman

Rags to Riches: Celebrities' Jobs Before They Made it Big

Before they started living the glamorous lives of Hollywood stars, some of these celebrities worked not-so-glamorous jobs. From salesmen to lion tamers, these celebrities have done it all.

As of yet, Americans still can't travel to Cuba.

10 Places Americans Can’t Visit

Many people use their vacations to venture to exotic lands. However, there are some places where you will have a fair amount of difficulty trying to cross their borders with an American passport. Here are a few places you may need to rule out when planning your next vacation.

A Black Friday fight

35 American Customs That Baffle Foreign Tourists

America does many things well, but we also have some quirks. Here are 35 things that our tourists are baffled by!

a view of the mediterranean sea from one airbnb balcony and a winter airbnb treehouse scene

30 Incredible Airbnbs You Should Book Right Now

These aren't your average Airbnb homes and apartments. Some of them are in exotic or remote locals with outrageous architectural features!

Number One Songs

What Was the Number One Song the Year You Were Born?

It's easy to see how these songs earned their #1 spots and also remain popular, well known, and relevant today.

Baby boomers

30 Things Only Baby Boomers Remember

Baby Boomers might no longer be the dominant generation, but there are still plenty of them around who remember what it's like to grow up during a completely different era. 

Dog sniffing a tomato

10 Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs

If your dog has ingested something toxic, call the Pet Poison Helpline at (855) 764-7661

12 Life Lesson Classes That Should Be Offered in College

12 Life Lesson Classes That Should Be Offered in College

College offers a variety of interesting and useful classes, but there are still a few topics that are absent from most degree plans. Here are 12 life lesson classes that are just as important, if not more, than learning about the symbolism in Jane Eyre.


12 Useless Things You Learned in High School

Sure, you learn a few valuable things in high school, but more often than not you’ll find yourself wondering, “how am I going to use this in real life?”

the city in each state with the lowest graduation rate

The City in Each State with the Lowest Graduation Rate

High absenteeism, low GPA, being retained one or more years in school, failed one or more classes in the freshman year, family characteristics, issues related to poverty, school experiences, being off-track to graduate on time.

guy upset

Car Repairs Mechanics Will Try to Scam You On

Next time repairs are needed, don't fall victim to one of these awful scams.

a tesla model s has the longest electric car range

Every Electric Car Ranked by Longest Range

Range anxiety is real. What everyone wants to know is how many miles you can go on a charge! Are those EPA MPGe fuel economy ratings really helpful?

a 2019 orange toyota tacoma on the assembly line

The Best and Worst Mid-Size Trucks of 2019

We rank 6 mid-size trucks from worst to best by combining their ratings on driving performance, standard features, design, and value.