a woman experiencing neck pain

Neck Pain: 5 Possible Causes

If you or a loved one is suffering from neck pain or soreness, it can be helpful to investigate whether one of these five neck pain causes is to blame. These causes include muscle tension, injury, diseases, and more.

a woman experiencing neck pain

Treating Different Types of Neck Pain

Persistent neck pain can make everyday life unbearable. Fortunately, there are effective treatment options that can be used to alleviate neck pain. Learn more about the causes and treatments for this condition.

Woman getting massage for neck pain

Neck Pain: Exercises for Relief

Neck pain can be brought on by many things and can hinder your daily routine. While some neck pain requires medical attention, some can be relieved by stretching the neck muscles. Here are some exercises to help relieve neck pain.

Wyoming is a tax friendly states

10 Most Tax-Friendly States

Taxes differ from state to state, and everyone feels the effect of them. If you feel like taxes have a firm hold on your household income, prepare to be jealous of people living in these ten tax-friendly states.

Money on a table covered with a W-4, calculator, and pen

What is a W-2 Form?

All employees receive a W-2 form from their employers. W-2s contain all of the information you need to file your income taxes each year.

A taxpayer calculating his taxes for the year

10 Common Tax Write-Offs That Save You Money

When tax season comes around, it's all too easy to become flustered and let important details slip through the cracks. Don't let the stress of deadlines and paperwork make you overlook a tax-write off.

10 Ways Retirees Can Make Money From Home

10 Ways Retirees Can Make Money From Home

Retiring doesn’t mean that you have to stop working! Being a retiree means you have more time than ever to find a job that keeps your brain active, gives you something fun to do, and makes you money—and the best part is that you can do all of these jobs without ever leaving the sofa.

Woman at computer talking on headset

Six Struggles Only Customer Service Reps Understand

Customer service representatives are paid to deal with stressed out customers, and they are never paid enough to be yelled at, cussed at, or worse. Here are six struggles only customer service reps will understand.

A writer types up a document on a laptop

4 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Freelancing Career

If you’re considering freelancing or have just gotten started in the freelancing industry, you might be feeling overwhelmed and a little confused. Here are four of the most important lessons every freelance writer should know.

an american tradition

15 American Traditions Spreading Abroad

Some American traditions can't seem to stay put! No matter how special they are to Americans, their essences wander off to influence other countries. You're sure to recognize these 15 American traditions, even abroad.

5 Money-Saving Tips for All-Inclusive Vacation Packages

All-inclusive vacation packages are popular among travelers for the convenience and affordability that they offer to customers. However, some hidden costs can raise the price of these initially money-saving options.

The shiny interior of a large cruise ship.

Choosing the Right Cruise

Not every cruise is the same. Some ships are larger than others and offer different amenities and activity options. Learn how to compare between various cruises to find the best fit for your family's vacation needs.

something you should buy at a dollar store

15 Items You Should Always Buy at a Dollar Store

Often people look down on bargain stores, but a functioning product doesn't have to cost a fortune. Why pay more than you have to? To save a little money, check out these 15 items you should always buy at a dollar store!

a historical film

15 Best Films Based on Historical Events

History may not be the most exciting subject to learn about in school, but films that chronicle it are some of the best ever made. Here are 15 movies based on historical events that you need to watch in 2017!

And then theres maude

30 Most Controversial Moments from Classic TV

Everyone loves TV that initiates conversation and controversy. In the history of television, however, it took some trial and error to figure out what was and what was not acceptable to air. Here are the 15 most controversial moments from classic TV!

a man at his desk working a job as a software engineer on split screens with coding languages on them

Jobs You Can Get With a Software Engineer Degree

Software engineers design and build computer systems and applications from the bottom up. Most software engineers are one of two types: computer systems or computer applications.

A tree surrounded by art depicting special education resources

Special Education Resources for Teachers

Are you a special education teacher looking for new means of finding information? There are always new resources to check out. Here's a list of some popular and helpful websites and networks for special ed teachers.

a blue software engineering screen with coding language in white letters

Pros and Cons of a Software Engineering Degree

Are you interested in a software engineering degree but aren’t sure it’s for you? These facts may help you decide. Here’s a list of pros and cons that come with a software engineering degree.

Which 2017 Buick Verano is Right for You?

The Buick Verano has three trim levels that offer different amounts of comfort and style. But which is most worth it? We break down what each one offers.

Which 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Is Right for You?

The Grand Cherokee is a lot of different things. Whether you're off-roading, road-tripping, or just want a big fun SUV, we can help pick the right model.

car insurance quotes

Car Insurance Quotes: The Best Free Websites

Getting car insurance quotes should be easy. Many sites are dedicated to providing car insurance quotes from companies in your area without you having to pay a single cent. Try out these sites to save money and time.

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